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House cleaning job

Portsmouth • 2 km away
It's important to approach the task of cleaning the house with complete honesty and sincerity. This means that instead of cutting corners or just doing the bare minimum, you put your full effort and attention into ensuring every corner of the home is thoroughly cleaned and organized. A sincere attitude towards this task is evident when investing time into reaching even the most challenging nooks and crannies, making every effort to leave no dust behind. Cleaning with genuine honesty means that you are not just cleaning for appearance's sake, but for the real cleanliness and hygiene of the house. It's about having integrity when no one else is watching and maintaining a clean, fresh, and tidy environment that genuinely contributes to the health and happiness of those living in the house. So, when it comes to cleaning your house, it can't just be an act of going through the motions – it requires true commitment and the authentic desire to make the space sparkling clean. Remember, a clean home also contributes to a clear mind and overall well-being, so take the task of cleaning the house seriously and approach it with the utmost honesty and sincerity.
Part-Time • Live-Out
From £15/hour

Female required for household duties

Portsmouth • < 1 km away
English female required to clean cook or prep and change beds and laundry clean windows
Part-Time • Live-Out
I am currently seeking a part-time housekeeper, with a preferred start date of March 25th, 2024, on a flexible schedule comprising Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings and mid-day on Fridays for less than 20 hours a week. This Live-Out position is situated in my apartment, which will require cleaning. This part-time role primarily involves maintaining the cleanliness of the interiors of my home and the immediate external areas. As the housekeeper, you will be responsible for laundry tasks such as washing, drying clothing and household items. You are also expected to undertake kitchen cleaning duties, including dishes, cleaning the inside and outside of the fridge, cupboards, oven, dishwasher, pantry, counters and floors. Keeping the outside areas of the Oven, Fridge, and Dishwasher sparkling clean is also part of the job responsibilities. Furthermore, you'll be expected to assist with pet care and the changing of bed linen making this an all-around housekeeping position. Please note that a driver's license is not required for this position, nor will there be any necessity to use your own vehicle. If you are a detail-oriented and trustworthy professional who can manage these duties proficiently, I would love to hear from you. The key here is being able to keep the place clean, ensure clothes and other household items are well-kept and help make my pet feel cared for and loved. Your primary workplace will be in my personal home as well as the apartment that requires cleaning. Please get in touch if this position interests you and aligns with your career goals and schedule availability. Let's make our homes more comfortable and clean together!
Part-Time • Live-Out
From £12/hour
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