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Sumaira R.

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Hello! My name is Sumaira, and I love love love animals of all sorts, from reptiles and insects to our beloved four-legged friends. I'm 15 and currently looking for a job for the summer, and after doing some research, I believe pet sitting is the occupation for me. My hobbies include looking after my own cats, and going on hikes, but I love to stay in and read a good book too. I am passionate about providing excellent care for pets as a dedicated pet sitter. From a young age, I have always had a deep love and connection with animals, and that has only grown stronger over the years. I have unpaid experience in caring for a variety of pets, including cats, birds, and small animals, and I understand the unique needs and behaviours of each one. As a responsible and attentive individual, I prioritize the safety, welfare, and happiness of the animal under my care. My goal is to create a comfortable and nurturing environment for them, whether it's through engaging play, regular walks, or simply offering companionship. I believe that pets are family and deserve the utmost love and attention. I am thrilled at the opportunity to provide peace of mind to pet owners while ensuring their furry friends receive the the best possible care and affection during their absence.

Although I have never pursued pet sitting as a professional occupation, I believe I have the necessary requirements to make sure your little companion has the best possible opportunity to thrive while you're away. I have plenty of experience in looking after a plethora of cat breeds, as I have owned and cared for over 3 cats within the last 2 years independently, although I cared for my first cat independently at 9 years old. This independent practice includes attending vet appointments, keeping them well groomed, as well as how content the cat generally is (play time). I am also somewhat skilled in the care of fish, as I used to own several goldfish such as fantails, the common goldfish, as well as the shubunkin breed of goldfish. Although I'm not as experienced in exotic breeds yet, I love to research and will quickly educate myself on your fish's specific needs and cater to them accordingly, whether that be maintaining a certain temperature, a specific type of food preference, etc. I also used to own 2 budgies. Although my knowledge in bird-care is somewhat limited, I'm willing to learn more about them and how to give them the best possible experience when with me. Nonetheless, I will do my best to educate myself in the future, and I'm fairly confident I can take good care of your bird in your absence.

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Administer oral medication for dogs
Taking care of senior dogs/other animals
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Active: More than a month ago • Member since: July 2023
featureComfortable with pets
featureCan swim
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance
Gender: Female
My Nationality: British
Languages: Bangala, Bengali, English

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