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Carlyn J.

Yrs old

I am a dedicated and detail-oriented housekeeper motivated in maintaining pristine environments in both residential and commercial settings. With a background rooted in Filipino household traditions, I bring a strong work ethic and meticulous attention to cleanliness to every task I undertake. My experience as a cleaner in our small restaurant has equipped me with the ability to efficiently manage high-traffic areas while upholding impeccable hygiene standards. I excel in executing a wide range of cleaning duties, from sweeping and mopping to sanitizing surfaces and ensuring orderliness throughout the space. Beyond my technical skills, I am known for my reliability, professionalism, and friendly demeanor. I take pride in exceeding expectations and creating environments that are not only clean but also welcoming and comfortable for residents, guests, or customers. As someone who values integrity and takes ownership of my responsibilities, I am committed to delivering exceptional service and contributing to a positive atmosphere wherever I work. I am eager to bring my expertise and enthusiasm for cleanliness to your team and make a meaningful impact on the overall well-being of your establishment.

My journey in housekeeping began at home in the Philippines, where I learned the art of cleanliness and organization from my family. From sweeping floors to meticulously tidying up rooms, I honed my skills with dedication and attention to detail. Transitioning to a cleaner role at our small restaurant further refined my abilities. I became adept at maintaining cleanliness in high-traffic areas, ensuring every surface gleamed and every corner was spotless. Whether it was scrubbing countertops or sanitizing dining areas, I approached each task with pride and efficiency. Through these experiences, I not only mastered the technical aspects of housekeeping but also developed a deep appreciation for the impact of a clean environment on overall well-being. It’s a journey that taught me the value of hard work, diligence, and the satisfaction of creating spaces that are both inviting and hygienic.

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Desired salary £6/hour

Work Availability
Desired start date immediately
Able to do the following
Clean the inside of the home and the immediate external areas
Kitchen cleaning- Dishes, cleaning inside and outside of fridge, cupboards, oven, dishwasher, pantry, counters and floors
Clean Outside of Oven, Fridge, and Dishwasher
Laundry (washing, drying clothing and household items)
Meal preparation and service
Prefer to work in
House & Apartment Cleaning
Commercial Office Cleaning
Additional Information
Active: More than a month ago • Member since: April 2024
featureComfortable with pets
featureCan swim
featureAble to travel with the family
featureCan work in homes with video surveillance

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