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Pet care in Manchester - Elisha K.

Elisha K.

Yrs old
Yrs Experience
Skilled in providing personalized care, administering medications, and creating a safe and loving environment for furry friends. Certified in pet first aid and cpr Energetic and enthusiastic pet carer with a strong background in dog training and behavior modification. Committed to ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of animals under my care. Proficient in handling multiple pets and organizing fun and interactive playtime.
Pet care in Pendlebury - Lola H.

Lola H.

Yrs old
Hello! My name is Ayoola and I'm a passionate pet lover from Salford. Even though I don't have any formal pet care working experience, I am intensely driven and prepared to deliver excellent pet care services. I can start immediately and am available during the evenings of weekdays and during mid-day to evenings on weekends. I offer services such as administering oral and injected medication for dogs, taking special care of special needs and senior dogs/other animals, providing daily exercise for high-energy pets, and brushing teeth and fur. My versatility and dedication enable me to manage dog walking and house sitting roles efficiently. I'm delighted to work with a variety of pets, including cats, dogs, and even exotic animals! Although I am unable to bring pets to my home, I am more than happy to provide the careful, respectful and loving care for your beloved companions in your own home setting. I understand each pet is unique and I will strive to cater to their specific needs, ensuring they receive the utmost attention and care they deserve. I have many pets and I have taken care of all of them single-handedly and I love animals GCSE Education

Elle T.

Yr old
Greetings! My name is Elle, a youthful and vibrant 22-year-old with an innate love for animals, currently residing in the charming city of Salford. While I may not have formal experience in the professional pet care industry, my enthusiasm for all creatures big and small has constantly been an inherent and intrinsic facet of my personality. I have embraced this love by being the proud owner of a stunningly lovely Shih Tzu who's just turned four. This delightful experience as a pet owner has further nourished and deepened my affection for animals, to the point that I am now extremely enthusiastic to channel this passion into establishing myself in a career dedicated to the care and love of animals. As per my availability, I can reliably offer my services on a seven-day basis, providing a range of services that are designed to cater to your pet's unique and specific requirements. These carefully tailored services include dropping in for visits to provide nourishment and interactive play, along with house-sitting when required. Whether your professional commitments require you to work late hours or you're taking some time off for a vacation, you have my unwavering assurance that your treasured pet will be well cared for. Dependability is a cornerstone of my pet care services, supported by malleable scheduling that comfortably accommodates morning, mid-day, evening, and even late-night visits. Although I'm unable to host your pet at my own residence, my commitment to your pet's well-being is such that I am absolutely willing to visit them in their own environment. It's there that I will strive to infuse a sense of comfort and attentive care. Being an avowed animal lover, I would be absolutely thrilled to work not only with dogs but also with cats. For me, the safety of your pet and the trust you place in my services are of paramount importance. To assure you of this commitment, I have ensured that I am police-checked and it might also be assuring to know that I am a proud British citizen. As an additional benefit, I am perfectly fluent in English, thereby ensuring effective and seamless communication regarding your pet's needs and your specific care preferences. I am prepared to begin providing my passionately dedicated pet care services immediately, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to lavish love, affection, and attentive care upon your cherished members of your furry family! I have no previous experience but love animals, I have a 4year old shihtzu.
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Pet care in Kearsley - Natasha N.

Natasha N.

Yrs old
I am a dog lover and I own a golden Labrador which we love to get out on long walk and sometimes short ones too. I am very patient preferably the largest dog I would walk is a a Labrador as I haven’t had further experience with larger dogs that this. I am very outgoing but can be calm within situations being met with unexpectedly I have looked after family dogs for weeks at a time having fun and walking them keeping them healthy, other than family experience I have not experienced anybody’s else’s dogs, but I am patient and and love dogs I have a Labrador myself too

Hah D.

Yrs old
I haven't had one yet I'm just trying to get started I have one dog currently what I care for

Nimz K.

Yrs old
As a dedicated student with a genuine love for animals, I believe I possess the qualities that make me a great fit for this role. Let me start by sharing a bit about myself. While I have never had a pet of my own, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of looking after my younger siblings. This experience has taught me the importance of attentiveness, patience, and accountability. I understand that caring for a dog requires a significant level of responsibility, including providing proper nutrition, exercise, and attention. Just as I take my role as a sibling seriously, I will approach my responsibilities as a dog sitter or walker with the same level of dedication and commitment. My interests and hobbies naturally revolve around animals. I enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring nature, and going on long walks. These activities provide me with an opportunity to connect with animals, observe their behavior, and understand their needs better. I also love to spend time in the gym and playing sports which make me a great fit for high energy animals. In terms of personal attributes, I am responsible, trustworthy, and dependable. As a student, I have learned to manage my time effectively and prioritize commitments. I am detail-oriented, ensuring that I follow instructions accurately and pay close attention to the unique needs and preferences of each dog under my care. Additionally, I am patient, compassionate, and have a calm demeanor, which helps me build a strong bond with animals and handle any unexpected situations with care and composure. Although I may lack professional experience in dog sitting or walking, my enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to providing the best possible care for dogs are unwavering. I am eager to learn, adapt, and work closely with pet owners to ensure that their furry companions receive the love, attention, and exercise they deserve and need. I would be delighted to discuss further how I can contribute to the well-being of the dogs in your care. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your furry friends. As a passionate dog lover, I believe that every furry friend deserves the utmost care and love. Despite not having previous professional experience, my genuine adoration for dogs motivates me to provide them with the best possible care. I understand the importance of responsible pet ownership and will go above and beyond to ensure that your beloved companions receive the attention, exercise, and affection they need. With me as their dog sitter or walker, you can trust that your dogs will be in safe hands, receiving the care and love they truly deserve.
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Fatima J.

Yrs old
Year Experience
I am a qualified nurse who is a cat mum of 2. I understand the struggle of finding a cat sitter so I am here to put your at ease when you are away! I am obsessed with cats and have two cats of my own! I am aware of the kittens/cats needs being experienced in both! I love cats and very open to go the extra mile for your fur baby I am currently a nurse and I work office hours so can do morning and evening visits! My work is flexible so I can try and adjust hours to work around preferred visit times! My cats are house cats and understand the need of play! I am aware all cats are different so I am open for you to tell me what they like and dislike and will send loads and videos and pictures as I know how terrifying it is leaving them behind
Pet care in Manchester - Alfie O.

Alfie O.

Yrs old
EXPERIENCE Park Ride Host - Drayton Manor Park - Summer 2023 • Trained for category 1 and category 2 rides during the summer of 2023. • Operated assigned rides, ensuring safety checks, adherence to height restrictions, and providing a memorable experience for customers. • Developed a strong focus on safety, rule adherence, and customer satisfaction. Hospitality Host - Drayton Manor - April 2022 – Present • Currently working as a hospitality host within conferences and events at Drayton Manor. • Involved in setting up and managing events such as weddings, conferences, and parties. • Gained bar training, developed creativity, organization, decision-making, and adaptability skills. • Demonstrated the ability to work during night shifts and handle customer allergies. Waitress - Planters Garden Centre - 2019-2022 • Devoted and hardworking waitress at Planters Garden Centre, focusing on delivering exceptional customer service. • Developed strong customer relationships and effective communication with both customers and colleagues. • Enhanced skills in active listening, problem-solving, and time management. Retail Assistant - John Lewis – 2018 • Completed a 2-week work experience during year ten of secondary school at John Lewis in Tamworth. • Responsibilities included setting up displays on the shop floor, moving stock, and handling click and collect parcels. • Developed skills in communication, patience, attention to detail, and problem- solving. I currently don't have experience in the positions I am seeking.

Precious C.

Yrs old
Hello, I'm Precious, a passionate pet lover from Manchester ready to treat your beloved pets with the utmost care and respect. Although I am a newcomer in the professional pet care field, I am dedicated and genuinely enthusiastic about integrating my love for animals into an occupation. I can start immediately and am well-prepared to take up responsibilities such as taking care of senior dogs and other animals, providing daily exercises for high-energy pets, brushing teeth and fur, and administering oral medications. With a flexible schedule, I am accessible for dog walking, drop-in visits, house sitting, and grooming on weekdays from Monday to Saturday, especially during the morning and midday. Being accustomed to various species, I am keen to extend my services to a range of pets including cats, dogs, birds, rodents, and even exotic animals. I am capable of traveling and, if required, can also accommodate your pet at my home. As a non-smoker with a clean police record, you can rely on me to maintain a healthy and secure environment for your pets. As a British citizen, I am completely committed to delivering top-notch pet care services in Manchester. I look forward to meeting you and your furry family members soon! I have experience in working with cats, dogs and exotic animals such as guinea pigs. I currently own a puppy and 12 guinea pigs I look after them all daily by feeding them, grooming them and giving them love and attention.
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Pet care in Manchester - Siobhan S.

Siobhan S.

Yrs old
Live in Manchester, with easy access to the city centre and local areas via public transport. I am a dog lover and have around 2.5/3 years experience of looking after dogs within our family and frequently care for my sisters 2 year old miniature schnauzer. I enjoy long walks with them, whatever the weather am reliable and I have a positive and caring attitude. As stated in my availability, I have a main employment and I am looking for something that can fit around this. Would really like to offer my help and care to you and your dog. Please do not hesitate to message if you wish to discuss anything further or if you think I would be a potential match. I have experience with looking after family dogs and a friendly, fun and caring outlook. I am not permitted to have pets in my property therefore if the advert requests sitting then this would be something I would be happy to discuss further with you. Many thanks, Siobhan